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Thanks to Michael Pariano ’81 for participating in this Q&A

Why did you join the Delts as an undergraduate? My older brother Chuck Pariano ‘76 was a Chi Delt and when I visited Kenyon as a high school senior he had Murray Clark ‘79, Mark Schwartz ‘79, John Potter and Stu Siegal ‘78 host me. They were all great guys so when I matriculated it was just very natural that I would pledge Delt.

What is the single fondest memory you have shared/will share with your children and grandchildren? Going to Karnea in New Orleans with Doc Burns ‘51, Steve Penn ‘80 and Jim Parker ‘81 in August, 1978.

Who do you stay connected with in your alumni years? Are there any brothers you've lost touch with whom you'd like to reconnect? I stay connected with a select few like Murray Clark, Mark Schwartz, Jim Parker and Bob Quinn ‘81 through e-mail, phone calls and occasional visits. I would like to reconnect with Skip Rowe ‘81, Chris Martin, Doug Coble ‘81, Scott Evans ‘80, Jeff Curtiss ‘80, John McNeil, Tim Glaser, Brian Berg ‘81, Barney Zeng ‘81 and many others time permitting.

Have you visited Kenyon since graduation? Yes, I’ve been back for my 5th and 25th class reunions.

What about your membership in Delt makes you the most proud? Having served as chapter Vice-President and as the Inter- Fraternity Council President.

If you could go back and relive one moment from your Delt years, what would it be and why? Living at the Lodge second semester senior year with my good friend Doug Coble. We had a blast.

Where has life taken you since graduation? What's new in your life today? I have worked in Chicago, Minneapolis and for the last 28 years in Connecticut. I now am the Managing Principal for the New England and New York state for Highland Capital Brokerage, which is an insurance wholesaler.

Why would you encourage other brothers to engage with Delt in their alumni years? Spending four years in Gambier creates friendships that are hard to replicate.

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