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Brother Peter Orlos ’18 is not only a hardworking student and fellow Delt, but, this year, he will also be an Upperclass Counselor (UCC).

What is an Upperclass Counselor?

Upperclass Counselors (known as UCCs) are a key part of the Orientation experience. Each new Kenyon student is paired with a UCC and a faculty advisor to assist them throughout their freshman year. UCCs are matched with students based on their academic and personal interests based on forms we have all completed. The main responsibility of a UCC is to provide first-year students with perspective and experience regarding life at Kenyon (things like what classes to select depending on what major, how to select classes, input on teachers, etc). During Orientation and throughout the year, UCCs have to act as "strong leaders and positive representations" of the college. 

What made you decide to become a UCC and how has DTD helped prepare you for it?

My UCC as a freshman was also a Chi Delt -- Furqan Dar. He was great, and inspired me to apply this year. DTD not only has prepared me for this position since it was a Delt who showed me how to be a strong UCC, but also because this first year I learned a lot of valuable skills and values with my brothers that I know are going to be necessary to be a great UCC. 

What do you think the most challenging part of being a UCC will be?

I think the biggest challenge will be the registration process since it is always chaotic. I would like to make sure my "UCClings" get the classes they want, although I know that that is not always possible. But I'm ready to give it my best shot and try to make the best out of it! 

Some more info on Peter:

Major? Economics
What activities are you involved in?
 International Students, Business and Finance Committee, Delta Tau Delta, Investment Club, Academic Affairs Committees, Investment Club
What's your favorite orientation memory? Convocation
What's the best advice you've received? Go to office hours

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