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Doc Burns, Faculty Advisor Emeritus, reports that he misses Gambier and Kenyon tremendously but is adapting to his new life in Florida. Doc, who will be 87 years young on February 28, has started hormone treatment for prostate cancer. While he is not looking forward to the heat flashes, he is glad that his fraternity brothers are not around to rib him about getting in touch with his feminine side. Doc would welcome any calls or letters from his Delt brothers at 10901 Johnson Blvd, Apt J207, Seminole, FL 33772-7704 or 740-390-1018.

Photo from a Delt visit at Doc Burns’ in summer of 2013

What have you been up to? Have any big news to share with your brothers? Or are you, perhaps, just looking to reconnect with some brothers? Submit your update here!


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