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This semester, Chi Chapter decided to undertake in the first fall rush process in four years. Fall rush week began with a cookout hosted by the chapter at the lodge, followed by a Buffalo Wild Wings wing eating contest, and finished with the Byron J. Horn Alumni Panel. Throughout the week the chapter connected and forged relationships with many upperclassmen. The chapter extended bids to Gene Bailey (class of 2019) and Sebastián Chávez Erazo (Class of 2018).

Both new members are strong students who will provide depth and leadership to their classes within Chi Chapter. Gene is a member of the Archon Society, Kenyon College Building and Ground’s Committee, and Kenyon Democrats. Sebastián is a member of Unity House, Black Student Union, and the Archon Society, as well as being the President of ADELANTE, Kenyon College’s Latinx Student Association.

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