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The Chapter has been focused on rush and fall pledging throughout the semester but has still hosted several very successful events, including the Byron J. Horn Alumni Panel and several blood drives. The chapter is also planning its winter formal and a VI benefit for the Talented Orphans Refugee Association, a nonprofit that serves Burundian orphan refugees residing in northern Uganda. The chapter has implemented study hours this semester to help brothers achieve to their fullest potential academically.


We had a few rush activities in the fall. We started off Rush Week with a cookout so we could show off our shelter as well as just eat great food on what was a very nice day. Our next event was a trip to Buffalo Wild Wings. Frankie Pallone ’17 partook in the Blazin' Challenge, which is where you have six minutes to eat a dozen wings, all of which are covered in a sauce that is made from habanero peppers. Our last event was the Alumni Panel, which was open to not just rushees, but the entire campus. Overall, there were about four students who went through the recruitment process.

Chi Chapter recruited one member this semester—Gene Bailey (sophomore), whom is also an Archon. Gene Bailey is a polymath, and is highly involved in extracurricular activities on campus. He is a member of Kenyon Democrats, Cinearts, and the Archon society. While he is the only member of his pledge class, his on-campus involvement and academic endeavors distinguish himself from the rest of campus. 

During the upcoming semester, we hope to have a large pledge class. With so many seniors graduating this year, it is imperative that we have a lot of pledges next semester. On our Rush Week schedule, we have an OSU basketball game planned, as well as breakfast for dinner at Southside Diner, and then we’re going to be bowling. We will be finishing off Rush Week with a steak dinner, which will be invite only to potential new members. By the end of this, we hope to have found a group of guys who will be willing and eager to join our organization.


This year, we’re ramping up service and philanthropy opportunities. In addition to the blood drives, we are holding a VI Benefit for the Talented Orphans Refugee Association this December. We are also looking to have a letter-writing campaign to raise money for JDRF. Additionally, we’d like to see even more brothers doing individual service hours. In the past, we have had a few volunteer firemen and a few brothers volunteering at Wiggin Street Elementary, and we would like to see those numbers continue to rise.


The Chi average GPA was 3.3, which made us the 2nd fraternity on campus after the Phi Kaps. The average fraternity GPA on campus was 3.2, making us above average. Brothers Will Freda, Evan Cree Gee, Bryce Nicholls and Colin Cowperthwaite all made Dean's List and were awarded the Kershner Scholar Award, which is given to Delts who perform excellently throughout the semester and go above and beyond expectations academically.

 Alumni Events

We held our annual Delta Tau Delta Chi Alumni Panel on Saturday September 24th. The meet-and-greet event started at 11am, where we began with short introductions of each guest speaking, while having some coffee and donuts. Young alumni in attendance consisted of Ben Huizinga, Jake Thorn, Michael Marting, Tim Barry, Peter Corrigan, Sam Althans, and later appearances from Michael Michnowicz, and Manjul Bhusal Sharma. Major topics discussed included post-graduate planning, networking, job searches, what to expect after college, and tips on how to succeed in a professional environment. There was a question-and-answer portion after the main conference portion, which included discussion on graduate school, dealing with family/friend pressure, accepting and learning from failure, and other short conversation topics. Everyone appreciated the young alumni perspective of the changing times in the job market and post college experience, proving relevant advice and information beneficial to those of us graduating within the next several years. Afterwards we held a cookout on the back lodge patio, where we had hamburgers and hotdogs, while continuing to discuss various topics and enjoying hanging out with recently graduated brothers. The event officially came to a close after the cookout, and some went to catch the last half of the football game later on.

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