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What are the top three things you gained from your fraternity membership?

NK: A sense of belonging, the importance of teamwork (outside of sports), and a great social life/fun.

What is the best part of the fraternity alumni experience?

NK: Staying in touch with and following the lives of my fraternity brothers.  It’s also great fun to run into fellow Delts from other chapters.

What are your concerns for the future of the fraternity, or for fraternities in general?

NK: I’m concerned that fraternities in general and DTD Kenyon are only one foolish mistake away from being put out of business. I think people have a lot of misperceptions about what goes on in Greek life, and, unfortunately, from time to time, unfortunate things happen. The problem is that, when they do, people tend to indict an international fraternity or Greek life in general based on the actions that may take place at one chapter. That’s just wrong.

What do you think DTD Kenyon will look like in 100 years?

NK: I hope it’s really diverse, that the chapter has come up with lots of new ways to have fun, get the best men to pledge, give back to the community and stay connected to alumni in ways we can barely dream of today.

What song (or songs) defines your college experience?

NK: Well, I was one of the men who actually started Kenyon’s first Rugby Club back in the day, and the songs I remember most are the songs the ruggers would sing during the “third half” when a keg was tapped.

How has your brotherhood in DTD helped you in your professional career?

NK: As I mentioned, it taught me the importance of teamwork away from sports, which has been incredibly important throughout my career.

What advice would you give to young brothers who are looking to network as they enter the workforce?

NK: Don’t hide your Delt affiliation. You’d be surprised how many people connect over that – almost as many as connect over the college/university you attended. Post it on your LinkedIn profile, like your chapter on other social media, and offer to help your fellow Delts with their careers.

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