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Recently, we uncovered a clip from The Collegian, the student newspaper at Kenyon. The clip from January 15, 1925, reads:

Middle Leonard Parlor- "The new parlor in Middle Leonard was opened for the first time Sunday, Dec. 14, with an informal Christmas party. Designed to represent the Old English type of architecture, the parlor is long and low, with a smoke-colored ceiling to match the dark-stained paneled walls. 

The mantelpiece in the center was carved in England from solid oak blocks, and above it, in carved paneling, is a small fraternity crest polished in various colors. The fire bench extends in each direction, to end with hand-drawn gargoyles. Cozy window seats and bookcases are placed at regular intervals along the walls, and old English chandeliers hang at each end of the room. With new period furniture and tapestry-covered alcoves, the parlor will be a credit to the art of its designer. Middle Leonard is occupied by the Delta Tau Delta Fraternity. 

Photo of Brothers circa early to mid 1950s.

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