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Pat Gallagher, ’86, reflects on the importance of DTD history

Like the many great Delts that came before him, and for the many that will come after him, Pat Gallagher’s knowledge and appreciation for the history of the fraternity is deeply rooted in his pride of being a member of Delta Tau Delta.  In fact, it was history that determined the structure of Middle Leonard itself. “Most of us lived in Middle Leonard our Junior year and room picks were based on how well we scored on a written exam of Delta Tau Delta history,” he recalls. “The top score had the first pick of the available rooms and went to Phil and Don for the room at the top of the second-floor stairs.”

As a history major, Pat may have had a bigger interest than others in the story of Delta Tau Delta, but he wasn’t the only brother to recognize the importance of tradition and brotherhood that are integral in fraternity life. Even before he pledged, Pat was impressed by the connections he made and witnessed. “The Brothers were very effective during Rush,” says Pat. “They spent a lot of time with us and we really established strong bonds before we even pledged.”

Delta Tau Delta not only established a close-knit network of friendships for Pat, but also influenced his focus on schoolwork. “Our Chapter had a lot of high achievers so being around them kept me motivated and gave me a lot of opportunities for study breaks,” he remembers.

Although there was a strong focus on academic success, Pat’s experience in Delta Tau Delta far exceeded the books. “Living in our Division housing itself is a huge aspect of fraternity life,” he states. “A lot of good and bad things happen that you don’t want to miss!” Some of the good (and maybe bad), stick out in Pat’s recall, including the Fall/Winter parties, pranks, various shenanigans, and “a few things I can’t mention here”!

And there is no better place to learn critical life skills than a fraternity house. In fact, Pat attributes Delta Tau Delta with helping him throughout his career. “The interaction with the many different personalities in different situations is great preparation for a career and life, in general,” he shares.

Putting that experience to use today, Pat is an attorney in Lansing, Michigan. As founder of the The Gallagher Law Firm, Pat is responsible for overseeing its day-to-day operations, as well as the long-term strategic planning of the firm. He focuses his law practice on the needs of businesses and specializes in a wide variety of transactional matters, litigation, and mediation.

Pat has been married for 23 years and has two children, a son at the Naval Academy and a daughter in high school. In his free time, Pat enjoys golfing, scuba diving, fly fishing, and hunting.

Pat also makes it a point to stay connected to his fellow Delta Tau Delta brothers. “The Brothers are among some of my best friends to this day,” he exclaims. “Friends and family of the brothers have also become some of my best friends. Social media makes it easy to keep in touch.”

But it isn’t only the camaraderie he values so much in the brotherhood, as the benefits are farther reaching than that. “I have benefitted in life and in business many, many times from the Brothers of the Chi Chapter, as well as other Delt Brothers from other colleges that I didn’t even meet until after graduation,” he claims.

Its connections like these that make Pat feel called to support the Chapter as much as he can. “The Chi Chapter is a worthy cause,” he says. “I consider it a higher priority than the college.” Pat hopes that his financial support will continue the living history that is Delta Tau Delta and that the brothers never forget where they came from. “Do not turn your backs on the history and tradition of the fraternity and the chapter,” he advises. “Enjoy the camaraderie and male bonding – and keep in touch with your brothers after you graduate!”

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