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Remember what being a Chi Delt mean to you? Did it give you more than you could ever return? Please read the following testimonial, and consider a gift in memory of what it meant, and still means, to be a Chi Delt. Our own Pete Dolan '81, wrote this message to dedicated alumni volunteer Jeff Moritz '86.

Pete Writes:

"I just got your thank you letter today telling me all the great things that the donations are doing for the Chi Delts. With Thanksgiving just around the corner, it felt like a good time for me to share a little of what I'm thankful for when it comes to Delta Tau Delta. Firstly, I want to sincerely thank you for all the time and effort you put into the Chi Chapter Alumni Association (CCAA). The CCAA has been a great beneficiary of your countless hours and dedication. I often wonder if there would even be a CCAA if it weren't for you and your steadfast solitary mission to support the Chi Delts at Kenyon. You are something special - I don't think there are many that could fill your shoes. My monetary contributions aren't much, but I will keep giving back to an organization that gave so much more to me. When I came to Kenyon in 1976 I barely had two nickels to rub together. I was an inter-city Minneapolis kid with a full ride scholarship to a school I could not even afford to go see before I showed up a week late in September. As a swimmer I naturally gravitated towards the Chi Delts. I wanted to join, but the dues weighed heavy on my mind. Doc Burns pulled me aside and told me not to worry about the fraternity dues, and that I could pay what I could and work the rest off around the fraternity doing odd jobs. I was delighted I could earn my way at the frat and did many things like cleaning, painting, and even some artwork to pay off some of my dues. I don't think I ever did enough to fully cover the costs but Doc Burns always stood behind me, encouraged me, and even quieted some of the other Delts that voiced their disapproval over what they saw as a free ride. I will never forget how good Doc Burns treated me and will always try to pay his gracious generosity forward, especially to an organization that he believes in so strongly. You two make quite a team."

Making a gift is easy, fast, and secure. Click HERE for options and get your name on the Honor Roll in time to see it in print via The Chi Delt this spring. Thank you to all our Brothers, whose generosity funds alumni communications such as this one and keeps us all connected. Furthermore, we received gifts from the following Brothers last year (2016-2017), but not yet during this year:

Paul Schmid 2004
Gerard Solis 1995
Peter Stautberg 1986
Pat Gallagher 1986
Sean Cottle 1986
Peter Luther 1987
Daniel Smith 1959
Philip Moyles 1986
Andy Winson 1987
Joseph Rubin 1986
Murray Clark 1979
Joseph Grimes 1982
John Kline 1983
Bruce Richardson 1955
R.  Bradley Bennett 1957
David Bell 1950
John Mulford 1950
Ran Bucey 1950
Steve Crocker 1969
James Loomis 1973
William Wallace 1972
Thomas Hazlett 1974
Doc Burns 1951
Robert Wilson 1999
Theodore Jennings 1950
Daniel Glaser 2013
Michael Marting 2014

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