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By Peter Orlos ‘18

Last Sunday, alumni Jake Thorn ’14 and Michael Marting ’14 came back to the hill in order to lead a career development workshop with the current Chi actives and pledge class. The workshop started off with introductory remarks about the life and legacy of brother Byron J. Horn, the great power of our alumni network, and the ideal relationship that should exist between actives and alumni. Some of the topics that were included in the discussion were how to make the most of summers as an undergraduate, how to navigate our alumni network, and how to secure that first job or admission to professional school.

Actives and pledges were also required to submit their resumes in order to receive personalized feedback about them. After a Q&A session in the Delt lounge, brothers shared their individual short and long term goals and a communication process was established where actives are able to share their interests, and alumni are able to provide opportunities using the Alumni Chair as a point of contact (currently Peter Orlos ’18). The main conclusion to the evening was that Chi Delts provide actives with an incredibly extensive alumni network where no matter what one might be interested in, there are certainly alumni out there who are willing to offer professional advice.

Pictured in the photograph from left to right: Peter Orlos '18 (Alumni Chair), Michael Marting '14 (Alumni), Rad Savage '19 (President), Jake Thorn '14 (Alumni).

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