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"Life is funny.  It seems that at any particular point in time you have a collection of friends be it high school, college, grad school, professional or even from the current neighborhood. While I have friends in all of these categories, it is always the college friends and in particular, Delt fraternity brothers that are uniquely close and that I can count on at any time for any reason. They are my best friends in the world and for that I am grateful. My financial support to the chapter is simply my way of saying, 'Thanks."'

"I believe the fraternity was significant in my maturing during college and I would like others to have the opportunity to benefit from it."

"I thoroughly enjoyed the fraternity life while at Kenyon in the early 1960's. In the years since,those friendships at Chi Chapter and the other fraternities have been important in my life and a crucial link to the Kenyon experience. Supporting the Chi Chapter Annual Fund helps ensure the continuity of that important experience both for the current undergraduates and for us as returning alumni."

It's a long, long road From which there is no return, While we're on the way to there, Why not share? And the load Doesn't weigh me down at all - He ain't heavy, he's my brother.

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