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We recently sent you some questions in an email questionnaire. We appreciate everyone who has responded so far, our hope is to hear from everyone!

If you want to see your response appear in an upcoming publication and have not yet answered the questionnaire, or just want to share your stories, pictures, or personal news with us, please email us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Here's what some of our Brothers had to say: 

"I contribute to the Delt Fund because I feel I owe the Chi Delt organization so much, especially financially. When I was a Delt from 1977-1981 I did not have much in the way of financial resources. I was only at Kenyon by the grace of the school administrators and the lobbying of Coach Steen on my behalf. My parents did not have the resources to send me to Kenyon, much less pay for me to join campus organizations. All I had was the money from my summer job and the little bit I earned lifeguarding and teaching swim lessons at Schafer Pool. The Delts honored me by letting me be a part of their great organization, and I tried to pay my dues though chores and any artwork they may have needed. I never felt they were getting a fair return on their money so I made a promise to Doc Burns that I would pay them back some day, so I have decided be a lifetime contributor." - Peter Dolan '81

"My DTD experience is a lifelong commitment. While I had the most fun I've ever had as an undergraduate Delt, the most valuable part of my DTD experience is now being part of our Young Alumni Association and giving back to the next generation of Delts." - Daniel Glaser '13

We appreciate you taking the time to share your DTD experience with us, as well as your feedback. Stay safe, Brothers.

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