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During the spring of 1941, Kenyon sophomore Robert Weaver headed up the formation of the first college lacrosse team west of the Appalachian Mountains. He took it upon himself to build the fledgling program from the ground up.

Weaver's love of lacrosse developed while he was prepping at Deerfield Academy in Massachusetts. When the Ohio native returned to his home state to attend Kenyon, he maintained his enthusiasm and took advantage of his still blooming, yet vital, lacrosse network.

Receiving no funding from Kenyon for the lacrosse start-up, Weaver utilized what connections he did have and enlisted the aid of Benny Havilland, his former coach at Deerfield. Havilland responded by giving Weaver used equipment and goals. From there, Weaver went to work assembling a team, starting first with Ed Chamberlain and Bill Lane, teammates from Deerfield who were now with him at Kenyon.

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