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Kenyon College has announced that they will be making changes to the student organization handbook. These changes are as follows:

  1. Kenyon College will no longer recognize any new local fraternities, sororities, or societies.
  2. Any organization wishing to expand at Kenyon college must have an established inter/national headquarters.
  3. Any organization wishing to expand at Kenyon must also have an active minimum $1,000,000 liability insurance policy and working governing documents.
  4. Inter/national fraternity and sorority headquarters or members may not solicit, recruit, or initiate Kenyon College students without consent of the office of student engagement.
  5. Failure to follow this basic rule will result in a moratorium on the group's eligibility to expand for a time to be determined by the Director of Student Engagement, or their designee, that will be no less than two years. 

Members of the Kenyon administration have claimed that this policy has actually been in effect for years, and so constitutes no real change. However, a number of organizations put at risk by the changes disagree, claiming that these rules are unnecessary and damaging.

These changes will be added in May without any vote from students.

To read the full story on the Kenyon Collegian Website, click HERE.


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