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We continue to see social media accounts soliciting and posting anonymous accounts of sexual misconduct as well as acts of racism, intolerance and homophobia. Most accounts are institution-specific and not specifically targeting fraternities or sororities. However, individuals and related organizations are being named. In some instances, this has also led to local activism and calls to abolish fraternities and sororities.

Delta Tau Delta is working with the NIC in support of local chapter leaders to coordinate efforts with IFC and host institutions. The Fraternity supports collaboration by all stakeholders on improving campus culture while also respecting the desire of students to form lawful associations that align with core institutional values. We are committed to diversity and inclusion and Delta Tau Delta does not accept the false binary choice between disbanding or perpetuating harm.

Abolishing fraternities and sororities is a short-sighted decision that will rob future students of the opportunity to be part of organizations that promote personal development and healthy, lifelong relationships. Delta Tau Delta supports and will stand up for the rights of college students who seek to form lawful, positive, enriching fraternal bonds in organizations that meet their developmental needs.

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