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Thanks to these brothers for responding to our recent alumni email survey! If you’d like to submit an update of your own for publication in an upcoming e-letter or a future edition of our alumni newsletter, email us your updates and photos at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..


Phil Hammond ‘58

I met my wife through DTD. Third college year was as a townie attending OSU where the DTD house was next door to the Kappa Kappa Gamma house. The night before the first OSU football game in the fall of 1959, I went to the DTD house to see if anything was going on. Nothing there so I walked next door to the Kappa house where 4-5 girls were sitting on the front porch. I asked if any of them wanted to go out for a beer with me and my future wife said she did. I walked to the football game with her the next day and that was the last time I saw her until late fall of 1960 when, needing a date for some DTD event, I called the Kappa house and asked to speak to "Corky Ballentine". I was told there was no one by that name but that there was a "Corky Hummon". I asked to speak to Corky Hummon and we dated the rest of the school year until both of us graduated in early June, 1961. Although we both left OH after graduation, by pure chance we both ended up in LA, we were married on June 16, 1962.




William Seidel ‘14

I am currently hunkered down in my NYC apartment but recently took on a new role as a PM for the Goals and Financial Management team at JP Morgan Chase. It's been interesting getting to know a new team virtually but learning a ton despite being in lockdown. When not out grinding, I've been sneaking upstate to do some needed fly fishing or walking a few blocks to grab some beers with fellow Kenyon Delt, Trace Althans.


Before joining Delt, I was a malnourished, socially awkward, quiet youngling with little drive and no clue as to what I wanted to do post Kenyon. After joining, the passion, intellect, and ambition of my new brother's combined with an environment to learn critical lessons outside the classroom, allowed me to emerge from my shell, becoming the capable person I am today. Their drive fueled mine. For this I am forever grateful to be part of such a fine group of upstanding gentlemen. If only Kenyon would realize this instead of seeing us solely as a liability. A couple of my favorite events to partake in where:

  • Secret Santa Exchange during Winter Formal
  • Campus Golf on South Quad
  • Division Wednesday's
  • Safari Party/Halloween Around the World
  • Lodge Bonfires 

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