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In 2013, The Alexander Hamilton Institute for the Study of Western Civilization (AHI) established an annual Veterans Day lecture to honor General Josiah Bunting III, a charter member of AHI’s board of directors. AHI's eighth annual lecture, was delivered by Captain Charles “Cully” Stimson '83, Senior Legal Fellow and Manager, National Security Law Program, the Heritage Foundation. Captain Stimson spoke at the Heritage Foundation on “The Dignity of Military Service.”

In his lecture, Captain Stimson asked his fellow citizens to “pause to think deeply about service, dignity, humility, and sacrifice to one’s country.” A third-generation naval officer, he discussed the importance of family, friends, and fellow citizens in giving “the gift of service. The value he came to admire most among the best of his fellow soldiers was their “quiet sense of modesty.” Veterans Day, he observed, should be considered as a day of “thank you to the American people, thank you for in supporting us, for standing behind us, for believing us, for giving us the resolve and strength for letting us . . . serve a noble country.”

Click HERE to hear his speech in its entirety.

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