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Why did you join Delta Tau Delta? That's a question we recently asked some alumni, and they delivered! Hear the reasons that Delta Tau Delta house became a home away from home ... and would go on to impact the rest of their lives.  

 “In 1982, a significant amount of freshmen joined fraternities — we were rushed almost from the day we got on campus. I saw that I could build great friendships there. There was a community that I liked, and I could see that the networking with my fellow Delts would be very important.” - Philip Moyles ‘86

Delta Tau Delta’s reputation on campus was excellent and I had a lot of respect for the upperclassmen who were part of the Chapter.” - Jeff Moritz ‘86

“The quality of members seemed so extraordinary – it had captains of sports teams, musicians, athletes, generally good people, artists, cool alumni, and more." - David Bouman ‘95


Why did you join DTD? Click here to tell us.  

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