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Jim Kuhn ‘76 (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.) can sum up why he joined Delta Tau Delta in one word: Swimming. “At Kenyon College, Delta Tau Delta is the fraternity that most of the swim team members joined and I was a swimmer.”  

And while the dedication to swimming encapsulated the brotherhood, he adds, "The house had a lot of good guys with a diversity of interests.” 

Some of his favorite memories? “The Hook slide, pledge night, Pig's foot parties and time at the lodge,” he says. “Dr. Bob Burns was our faculty advisor for Chi Delts,” he added. “Bob was a significant role model for me, and I stayed in touch with him for many years.” 

He says that Delta Tau Delta impacted his life long after graduation. “I was elected President and learned a lot about leadership and influencing a diversity of different people.”  

Kuhn says that giving back is very important to him. “It reinforces my fond memories and allows me to help others have similar experiences.” 

"Giving helps ensure that fraternal orgs continue at Kenyon College and other schools.”  

Without Delta Tau Delta, I wouldn't have so many good memories of college. 

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