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Nick Kalm ‘83 (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.) was part of a group of a dozen freshmen who joined DTD all together. “We just moved as a pack,” he said. “It was an opportunity to stay close and live together as a group. Plus, everyone knew that the best parties at Kenyon were the fraternity parties, and we wanted to be part of them.” 

He says that their group looked at joining another fraternity, but soon decided on the Delts. “They were the nicest guys,” he said. “The Kenyon swim team was one of the best in the country for like 30 years in a row. All swimmers were Delts, but not all Delts were swimmers. It wasn’t a cliquish group. It was very welcoming to us new guys.” 

He says that his favorite memories are of being at the lodge. “Kenyon isn’t a big school, and living in close proximity with friends, being able to meet in common areas and just being together — that’s what sticks with me.” 

“Having a lodge was unique, and we had the right mix of ceremony and tradition. It was a low-key group of guys.” 

Kalm went to boarding school for high school and says that joining DTD gave him a strong sense of belonging. “I learned how to be part of a larger group, something outside of myself, and how to give to the community. That’s something that’s stuck with me to this day.”  

After graduation, he moved home to the New York area, marrying a fellow Kenyon grad, Tracy. After working in public relations for pharmaceutical companies for several years, he moved to Chicago, where he’s been a public relations consultant ever since. He owns Reputation Partners, a strategic communications firm focused on building and protecting brands. He and Tracy have a son named Jack who is spending a gap year on a ranch in Idaho.  

Kalm says that giving back is part of who he is. He is vice chair of the Lincoln Presidential Foundation in Springfield, Illinois, and has also served on a child welfare board. He says that he’s always available to mentor students who are looking for career advice. “A few people extended themselves to me when I was starting out, and that’s always stuck with me. Giving back is how you repay what society has given to you.”  

 “Without Delta Tau Delta, I wouldn’t have had the great underpinning of what it means to be part of a group of men and what it means to be part of something bigger than myself. If my son goes to college, I’ll encourage him to join for those reasons — it’s very formative. It’s a great experience if you choose a good fraternity.” 

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