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We hear it time and time again when we talk to brothers about Delta Tau Delta, without the Chi Chapter many of you would not be where you are today if you had not been a part of this brotherhood. Read on to hear what three of your brothers had to say on the impact Delta Tau Delta had in their lives. 



“I learned a lot of leadership and interpersonal skills that have helped me enormously in my business career. DTD taught me how to bring a group of people together to accomplish a goal. DTD also taught me how to work with people with diverse backgrounds.”  Jeff Moritz ‘86

“When I arrived at Kenyon, I knew next to nothing about what I wanted to do after graduation. But, under the Byron Horn Mentorship Program, I learned how to cultivate meaningful career relationships from Jeff Moritz ‘86, Charles “Cully” Stimson ‘86, Don Gest ‘86, my fellow actives, and many Chi alumni. Hint: it’s very similar to being a good friend.” Jake Thorn ‘14

“The fraternity gave me many valuable life skills. I learned organization for events, planning, budgeting, public relations, and more. But it was the quality of the friendships and overarching loyalty that we developed then that made life/career/relationships better in my life.” David Bouman ‘95


CLICK HERE and tell us the impact Delta Tau Delta left on you to this day! 

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