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Chi Delts Spouses Friends 20th Kenyon Reunion

David Bouman ‘95 (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.) says that he decided to join Delta Tau Delta because, “The Delt guys weren't clones of each other, which made them interesting and relatable. Delts were from all parts of the country, played various sports, and studied everything from premed to beer pong. That worked for me. Also, Peter Foster ‘94. He could recruit you for anything. Hey, Pete.” 

Bouman says that the DTD living arrangements set the group apart on campus — well, that and winning the intramural flag football championship over the Psi Us.  “Nothing more important than that,” he said.  

“We had two active hubs with people living in and regularly using both — Middle Leonard and The Lodge — that let us span campus literally and figuratively.  Delts were living together near the studio arts building, in Ackland near their sports facilities, in the lodge, solo in a quieter building, and Middle Leonard was full.  Our diversity allowed us to be apart for life/studies/sport/clubs with friends, non-Greek and other other fraternities alike, and then back together as brothers wherever we wanted.”   

Some of his favorite memories are of hanging out in a Leonard single playing backgammon and talking with now-lifelong friends — Adam, Neil, Tom, Dave and others. “Also: jumping off the trestle bridge, everything that happened in our Caples suite, especially euchre, the rope swing and firepit at the lodge, trips to town in the Creeper, that Florida trip, senior week pictures on and on,” he added.   

Bouman said that being part of the Delts has made a lifelong impact. “I hadn't thought about it until now but Chi Delts, who are also my closest friends, played roles in life decisions in the first years post-college... I worked a couple seasons in Montana after graduation (Delts); I taught English in Japan for a year (Delts); I heard about the Foreign Service (Delt); I had contacts at my first consulting job (Delts); I was recruited to join the internet boom in Seattle (Delts).”  

He currently lives in Washington, D.C. with his two dogs. “I've spent 18 years as a Foreign Service Officer with the State Department.  It's an amazing career that constantly challenges and develops you, lets you learn languages and live overseas all the while serving our country and the greater good.  I met my wife because of the career too (it was not through DTD surprisingly).  On the day that my wife passed away unexpectedly a few months ago, four best friends/Delts arrived within hours. Kenyon people have been watching out for me since.  Brothers, best friends, Kenyon people are all sort of synonymous for me through this tough period.”  

He says that giving back to the chapter is important to him. “Being part of DTD at Kenyon initiated four special years full of learning, growth, friends, and adventures that continues to this day.  I have a soft spot for stable organizations that can adapt to our constantly changing world while also keeping their values, history, traditions, and connections going. I also love The Lodge and have to keep that place vibrant.”  

And if more brothers gave back? “I'm sure Chi would be even stronger with more alumni giving in everything from The Lodge to scholarships to rushing and community service.  A lot of good came from our active years and there is a lot of future good we can support.  I encourage my friends and all Chi Delts to take 10 minutes once a year, log on to the site, and give 20, 50, 100 bucks, something. It’s easy to give online here.” 

Without Delta Tau Delta, I wouldn’t have met the amazing group of guys who are still my best friends today and have been with me through all the ups and downs of life.  

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