Chi Donor Roundup!

We're having a great year in annual fundraising, thanks to the Brothers on our Honor Roll named HERE. We've recorded 62 donors this year to date. We could make it to 75 - how, you ask?

The following Brothers gave last year, but not yet this year, and we'd like to give them the opportunity to join their Brothers on the honor roll before our giving year ends August 31 - Click HERE to make a contribution.


Randolph Bucey '50
Robert Burns '51
J. Murray Clark '79
Thomas Hazlett '74
Theodore Jennings '50
John Kline '83
Peter Luther '87
John Mulford '50
Bruce Richardson '55
Paul Schmid '04
Gerard Solis '95
Peter Stautberg '86
William Wallace '72

Kreman Named CEO OF DTD

International president Jim Garboden announced on June 26 the appointment of Jack C. Kreman (University of Nebraska at Kearney, 2004) as the Fraternity’s new chief executive officer.

"On behalf of the Fraternity’s Board of Directors, I am pleased to see Delta Tau Delta move forward with a proven talent at the Central Office. I have known Jack for a long time. His skills are many, and his commitment to the mission and values of Delta Tau Delta is unquestioned."

Read more: Kreman Named CEO OF DTD

Chi Alum Publishes Book

Adam Kline '94 has written for Focus Features, Sony Pictures Animation, Warner Brothers, Walt Disney Pictures, and Twentieth Century Fox. With Kung Fu Panda director Mark Osborne, Kline is currently adapting several books for film, among them The Clockwork War, Escape from Hat, and Jeff Smith’s graphic novel Bone. An active member of the Writers Guild, Kline attended Kenyon College. He has two children. His latest book, The Clockwork War," is available on Amazon HERE. In the book, Best friends Karlheinz Indergarten and Leopold Croak clash in an epic, imaginary battle waged in the branches of an enormous, ancient oak tree. But when lightning strikes young Leopold, he loses his imagination, and with it, his sense of right and wrong. The damaged boy grows to adulthood, treading a sinister path of industrial conquest. And Leopold’s thirst for power soon threatens the tree, the village, and worst of all, the children within.
But humble Karl discovers a gift for clockwork—the magic of gears and cogs—and assembles a mechanical army to fight back. Joined by the children themselves, Karl endeavors to save the village, the ancient oak, and maybe—just maybe—something more besides.

Read more: Chi Alum Publishes Book

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