Remember your spring graduation?

Remember your spring graduation?Remember your spring graduation?

With the return of spring also comes that rite of passage, graduation. We’ve all been there. It’s a time for looking forward, but also a time for looking back over our life-changing college years and the many influences that shaped us, including our fraternity experience.

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Alumni Weekend Event

Alumni Weekend EventByron J. Horn Memorial Panel

The 2019 Byron J. Horn Memorial Alumni Panel was held last weekend in Gambier. Ten alumni from classes spanning 2012-2017 traveled from across the country to join us on campus for an afternoon of discussion and mentorship. Over twenty actives attended, nearly the entire chapter. Conference calls held in the months leading up to the panel revealed the chapter’s strong interest in learning more about career paths in business and law. The panel was structured around those interests with principles that could also be applied more broadly. 

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