Talkspace: A Benefit for Undergraduate Members

Encouraging members to take care of their mental health is a priority for Delta Tau Delta. In the spring of 2018 the Fraternity launched a new student benefit through a partnership with Talkspace. Talkspace makes it simple and convenient to connect with fully licensed, highly respected counselors via text, audio or video messages from your browser or smartphone—in the library, over the weekend or between classes. Click "Read More" to see how you can join Talkspace today!

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Anonymous Social Media Accounts & Anti-Fraternity Activism

We continue to see social media accounts soliciting and posting anonymous accounts of sexual misconduct as well as acts of racism, intolerance and homophobia. Most accounts are institution-specific, however, individuals and related organizations are being named. In some instances, this has led to calls to abolish fraternities and sororities. Delta Tau Delta supports and will stand up for the rights of college students who seek to form lawful, positive, enriching fraternal bonds in organizations that meet their developmental needs.

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Hard Times Make Great Leaders

With Karnea and the summer behind us, we now turn our full attention to the fall. What a fall it will be. We enter with many unknowns. What will the average college campus look like this fall? How will Fraternity chapters function? Is this a temporary or permanent change to the way our organization operates? For sure, it will be a time of challenge. Click "Read More" for news on how DTD National plans to face the coming semester.

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